Broadband Survey for Cumberland County, New Jersey

Cumberland County is conducting a broadband coverage, speed, and satisfaction survey. This information will enable us to know where we should allocate federal funds to improve broadband service in rural areas of the county. We have partnered with Faster NJ Inc, a NJ non-profit dedicated to providing technology, tools, and information to help bridge the broadband divide in underserved areas of New Jersey. All information gathered here will be shared with the Cumberland County commissioners and the Authority.

PLEASE NOTE: Please complete this survey on a computer at the address you enter. We store the speed test and provider results and coorelate them with your address. If you enter your home address while using your work computer, we will store inaccurate data for your home connection. Please make sure the physcial address you are about to enter is where you are physically located now. Thank you!
For best speed test results, you'll want to use a wired connection if at all possible; that way, you don’t have to worry about interference and performance fluctuations that can occur while you’re on Wi-Fi.

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